Theme 3: Risk Assessment

Project 9: Quantitative risk assessment in leafy greens


Quantitatively assess the risk of human illness associated with Salmonella spp, Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Listeria monocytogenes in locally produced leafy greens.

Generate a scientific decision-making tool useful for improving the safety of the leafy greens.

Identify the factors and conditions that contribute to the occurrence of hazardous microbial agents throughout the supply chain in Australia.

Photo: Stella Gonzalez

Photo: Stella Gonzalez


Understand the key contributing factors of pathogenic variability during postharvest of leafy greens to highlight the knowledge gaps.

Examine existing quantitative microbial risk assessment frameworks that have been developed for bacterial contaminants to gather information for an Australian risk assessment model in leafy greens.

Explore current availability on local data to be used as input on the development of the risk assessment model.

Obtain data from experimental analysis; to fill any gap on the information required to run the risk assessment model.

Develop multiple quantitative risk assessment models for leafy greens based on identified critical points of potential contamination during the Australian supply chain

Project personnel

Hayriye Bozkurt Cekmer, Post-Doctoral Associate

Tina BELL, Chief Investigator

Kim-Yen PHAN-THIEN, Chief Investigator


Photo: Tina Bell

Photo: Tina Bell


Project Partners