Theme 2: Postharvest Environment

Project 6: Pathogen management in storage and transport facilities


This project aims to determine how changes in environment during storage and transport affect pathogen survival and growth in several fresh produce supply chains, and then to explore how to reduce these vulnerabilities.


To analyse current management protocols or compliance that are used to identify and control microbial safety risks during storage and transport of fresh produce.

This is followed by an investigation into a range of fresh produce temperature and relative humidity profile data, gathered from various distributors and processors, which will be used to identify abuse conditions along the postharvest supply chain. These conditions will be incorporated into simulations of controlled storage and transport scenarios to observe pathogen survivability (Salmonella sp., Listeria sp., and E. coli) within a laboratory environment, and in real-time distribution chain environments.

Identifying where these abusive conditions may occur will aid in the development and trial of risk assessment plans for fresh produce groups, resulting in efficient food safety management in supply chains.

Project personnel

Floris VAN OGTROP, Chief Investigator

Brad EVANS, Chief Investigator

Neil WILSON, Chief Investigator

Ingrid ZAMORA, PhD Student

Hayriye BOZKURT CEKMET, Post-Doctoral Associate

Mark BRADBURY, Post-Doctoral Associate

Hannah SASSI, Post-Doctoral Associate