Theme 2: Postharvest Environmentt

Project 5: Interactions between fungicides and sanitisers to control postharvest contamination by moulds


To assess whether fungicide and sanitisers that are commonly used to control postharvest contamination interact to mutually augment or suppress activity.

Photo: Dee Carter

Photo: Dee Carter


Investigate current practices in the use of fungicides and sanitisers in the Australian fresh produce industry and identify the most important moulds that these chemicals are used to control, paying paricular attention any reported compatibility issues and consequences.

Determine the nature of interactions between selected fungicides and sanitisers on common problem pathogens, assessing mould growth and toxin/secondary metabolite production by checkerboard assay.

Investigate fungicide-sanitizer interactions at the organismal and cellular level using ultrastuctural analysis.

Investigate fungicide-sanitizer interactions at the molecular level using transcriptomic analysis with a particular focus on the expression of drug efflux pumps during antagonistic interactions.


Photo: Kim-Yen Phan-Thien

Photo: Kim-Yen Phan-Thien

Project personnel

Hannah SASSI, Post-Doc Associates

Dee CARTER, Chief Investigator

Tina BELL, Chief Investigator


Rachel CHEN, Honors Student

Su Latt TUN, Honours Student

Mark BRADBURY, Post-Doctoral Associate