Theme 1: On-farm Environment

Project 3: Predictive modelling of high risk conditions


To understand and model the adaptability of pathogens causing food borne illnesses using 'Big Environmental Data' to analyse causal relationships between microbiological outbreaks and biophysical variables.

Photo: Bradley Evans

Photo: Bradley Evans


Identify relevant national and international incidents of foodborne illness through exploration of published and unpublished literature

Source physical and biological data associated with specific events including details of pathogen characterictics (e.g strain; longevity; infectivity), illness outbreak conditions (e.g location, timing , food environment) and specific weather patterns (i.e number of rain days in growing season, localised flooding events or the persistence of dark and humid conditions).

Explore relationships among pathogen charactheristics, details of the illness outbreak and climatic conditions.

Develop predictive models to help target adaption strategies to reduce the negative effects of future outbreaks.

Project personnel

Michael WALSH, Chief Investigator

Floris VAN OGTROP, Chief Investigator

Brad EVANS, Chief Investigator



Issa HIJAZI, PhD Student

Mark BRADBURYPost-Doctoral Associate