The on-farm environment


Project 1:
Microbial and protozoan contamination in composts and organic amendments

Aims to determine on-farm level risks for contamination of fresh produce from pathogens originating from faecal contamination in soil amendments or incursion of wildlife in the field.


Project 2:
Microbial populations and pathogens in irrigation water sources

This project will profile and monitor microbial contamination in agricultural irrigation water from diverse sources and investigate irrigation water applications that influence contamination with microbial pathogens. Aims to raise awareness of links between environmental and spatial sources of contamination in irrigation water used for fresh produce.


Project 3:
Predictive modelling of high risk conditions

Project 3 will seek to understand and model the adaptability of pathogens causing food borne illnesses using 'Big Environmental Data' to analyse causal relationships between microbiological outbreaks and biophysical variables.

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Project 4:
Pre-harvest applications of electrolysed oxidising (EO) water and other chemical interventions

The goal of this project is to optimise the use of electrolysed oxidising (EO) water in parallel to other chemical sanitisers to develop pre-harvest control strategies against selected foodborne pathogen surrogates.